About Us


Who are the WaterDudes?

Hey! Paul and Andy here. We’re just a couple of regular dudes that love various water activities as well as pretty much anything outdoor related! Growing up, we were always close to water, whether it was an ocean, a lake or a river. We’re still avid water dudes, and enjoy going out there and exploring, whether its a cruise on our powerboat, a canoe trip up a river in a national park, or even sailing in the Caribbean islands, which we did just recently! Yup, WaterDudes are everywhere. If it involves water, we’re there! Hope you can sense the passion we have for everything to do with water. As long as there is water nearby, we’re a happy bunch.

This is brings us to this site… Let me tell you a story… Man, our heads spun with so much confusing information found all over the internet! That’s why we decided to create our own website so we can reference it and remember the products we liked. We hope you find something you like too. Sometimes, you just want to get out there on the water, you forget about all the safety and other gear that can be useful. So, hopefully our list of different gear reviews gives you ideas of what you might need.