Boating with a Toddler

Boating With a Toddler

Boating with a ToddlerHandling a boat is a challenge, and when you bring a toddler along, it can be too much on your hands. But sometimes you just want to enjoy life with the ones closest to you. Look at how bright your kid’s eyes light up when they are in the water and think of how fun it will get on a boat with you. Don’t be fooled though, boating with a toddler may not be as easy as you think.

Amidst all the cute times you will be having with your baby, there’s the aspect of safety. You don’t want a situation where you need to keep the baby and yourself out of the water. With the proper safety preparedness, you can make your boating experience well worth it.

Here are a few tips on boating stress-free with your toddler.

Childproof the Boat

Just like you have childproofed your home, it’s the same case for your boat. Ensure that everything that’s breakable and dangerous is stowed away when boating with a toddler.  This goes for cleaning chemicals and tools.  Everything you feel could pose a potential danger to your baby should be out of sight. Ropes, for example, can be a tripping hazard for toddlers who are learning to walk. Also, make sure all the safety stuff like flare guns are out of reach of the child but in a place where you can easily pick it up when you need it.

Bring a proper life jacket for your baby

Safety is crucial when boating with a toddler. Important authorities have specific rules. The USCG (U.S Coast Guard) requires that everyone is in a life jacket when the boat is underway. Learn more about USCG Life Jacket Types in a special article we wrote. The same goes for your toddler. It’s important to note that all babies should be at least 18 pounds before you bring them on the water. As such, their life jacket should fit correctly. You’ll notice that life jackets for babies from the age of 12-36 weeks come with a head cushion. Utilize this headgear to keep your baby’s head out of the water. Check out our post about the best life jacket for toddlers for more information.

Remember Nap Time

Toddlers will not skip napping even on the go. For you, it means bringing a portable rocker on board. You should designate a secure area on the board where your small child can sleep peacefully. Boating with a toddler can make this complicated. Specific types of boats should be considered, only. The place you choose to place the pack-n-play should be a location where when the baby wakes up, they won’t face the risk of falling or walking into areas like the cabin.

Bring Plenty of Supplies

Boating with a Toddler: SuppliesYou don’t want to be out of baby formula when you are boating with a toddler. Bring as many items as you need for the period. This means bringing enough water, food, snacks, sunscreen, and of course waterproof diapers. These are diapers designed for swimmers. They will ensure your baby’s bottoms are not soaked wet all the time. And remember to choose a waterproof diaper bag for your supplies.

Also, protect your baby from the sun by bringing a shade. You can find a Bimini top in local and online stores, and it gives shade from the sun and rain. Overheating can be a real problem. So adding a sun hat and sunglasses is actually a cool idea for your child.

Have fun in the boat and the water

Don’t wait for the boat to dock to start engaging in some fun activities. Bring along some waterproof toys to keep your child occupied. Boating with a toddler should be fun too. I hope you’ll remember a small baby float along with bath toys so that your toddler can splash and feel the rush of lots of water surrounding them.

Bottom Line When Boating With A Toddler

Your little one can be happy and safe boating with you. Just take on the necessary precautions when the boat is underway. Otherwise, it should be all smiles after a long weekend in the water. Remember that boating with a toddler can be fun and safe but ensure you take all the right precautions first.