Water Activities for Preschoolers

Water Activities for Preschoolers

Water Activities for PreschoolersWho loves water like preschoolers? It’s like their magnet of attraction. Give them a tub to fill, and it’s they’re entertained for hours. Water can be the center of most fun activities you want to engage with your preschooler. But the question arises, which water activities for preschoolers are the best?

This summer, take your toddler outside and splash, explore, and learn from these water activities. They are easy to set up, so get out the little child in you, your toddlers and lots of sunscreen because it’s going to be a fun-filled day.

Colored Water Play

In this activity, you’ll need food dyes, clear tubs, and balls to match the colors you intend to make. Just add water from a hose to the containers, and add the different food colors. Say you want to have red, blue, and yellow. The three tubs should reflect the colors you have chosen. This is one of the funnest water activities for preschoolers.

Now have your kids add the balls according to the color of the water. This should help them sort the colors especially if you have put the balls in one bag. In this activity, you’ll want to dress them up in swimming costumes because they’ll want to have some more action in the tubs.

Water Painting

Another fun activity is painting using water. Gather paint supplies as in rollers, foam brushes, paint brushes and a paint pan. Then fill the pain pan with water so that your kids can get the water from the pan and roll it out on the places they want to paint. It can be on the patio or driveway, just some place where the brushes can paint smoothly. As long as you don’t give them real paint, this is a great idea for water activities for preschoolers.

Toy washing

Fun Water Activities for PreschoolersGet all the washable toys for your kids to clean. And don’t give them the idea they can wash their favorite teddy. No one wants to deal with a soggy stuffed animal. So, for this activity, you’ll need two tubs where you put a little amount of water in each. In the first container, add some dishwasher soap, and leave the other clean for rinsing. Then give your baby some sponges and the toys that can withstand a good soak. Remember to provide a towel to place the toys for drying. Finally, this may not be one of the most entertaining water activities for preschoolers, it’s an activity nonetheless.

Sink or Float Activity

For curious toddlers, grab their attention with the sink or float question. Have them pick toys to use in this activity. Just fill a tub with water and let them throw in the toys as you pose the question “does it sink or float?” It’s simple, fun, and engaging. When looking for water activities for preschoolers, this activity teaches about buoyancy.

Floating Pool Noodles

Making floating boats from pool noodles is pretty easy. So while your toddlers are engaged in another activity, create simple boats for their next play on the list. You’ll need a pool noodle (cut into small pieces), foam sheets, straws, a hole punch, and scissors

Cut the foam sheets in different colors into sail shapes. Then punch two holes into them, and insert the straws. You’ll then use the scissors to make a tiny hole where one end of the straws will go into the pool noodle. Remember to cut down the straws into small pieces.

And there you have it, pool noodle boats — a top pick in this post about water activities for preschoolers.

Place these boats in a large bathtub filled with water. Now your preschoolers can sail their boats from one corner of the tub to the other. You’ll never get them to pour out the water as they won’t be able to stop playing this fun game.

Note: If you’re going to do this in the pool, don’t forget a child flotation device!

Conclusion: What Are The Best Water Activities For Preschoolers?

There are lots of water activities to have fun with preschoolers. We’ve discovered these games as the most fun and age-appropriate for preschoolers. You can expand and explore with any of these ideas. Trust me; it’s going to be hard getting them back into the house. So what are the best water activities for preschoolers? Hopefully, from this post you should get some good ideas.